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As a trusted IBM Premier Business Partner for over 12 years, Adjacent Technologies has been helping IBM’s efforts to build a smarter planet. By developing and delivering innovative solutions, our team helps businesses of all sizes achieve smarter workforces. Behind all of our solutions, you will find cutting-edge software that has been formed from decades of innovations to help companies in all industries meet the challenges of today.

As one of the greatest challenges in today’s modern workplace, unstructured data is continuing to grow at exponential rates. This represents a huge management challenge – and a huge opportunity for your organization to get smarter in every area of your business.

Case Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Content Analytics are just a few areas in which IBM smarter software can help you manage this flood of data to optimize the competitive advantage of your company.

Capture data and content from any source. Integrate it. Access it. Analyze it. Govern it. With smarter software solutions from Adjacent Technologies, your organization will be enabled to deliver trusted information and valuable insights that lead to smarter decisions, true differentiation from competitors, and real innovation.

Whether you are dealing with a complaint, claim, application, personnel file, project, contract, or a complex regulatory procedure, a process is needed to progress the case to its outcome or conclusion. The process can follow several different paths and involve choices and alternatives, many of which may not be defined until the process is underway.

By automating the right processes, applying the right analysis, and involving the right people, you can empower your employees by granting them the ability to make decisions faster and deliver services more efficiently.

With IBM Case Manager, knowledgeable workers can:

  • Extract critical case information through integrated business rules, collaboration, and analytics.
  • Include many different content types into a case file.
  • Automatically capture inbound communications, such as email, fax, and web forms.
  • Gain powerful and flexible workflow tools that manage the allocation of case-workers.
  • Obtain comprehensive monitoring and reporting structures that provide project status.
  • Keep processes on track and management informed on progress and distribution of work.

Case Manager unites the information, processes, and people to provide a 360-degree view of case information so staffs can make smarter decisions and achieve optimized outcomes.

Case Manager:

  • Gives knowledgeable workers the control and insight they need to resolve cases more effectively.
  • Provides near real-time access to the documentation, structured data, and analytics required to make complex decisions.
  • Offers agile design capabilities to help reduce time to market and enable rapid application updates.
  • Enables access to updated case files from virtually any location through mobile connectivity and cloud solutions.
  • Supports a full Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite, including records management, complex search, and content analytics.

Adjacent has been helping organizations with case and content management for over 12 years.

Contact us to learn how the right case management solution can help you empower your knowledge workers.

Unstructured information – documents, emails, images, video, social media, and other content that lives outside the rows and columns of a database, constitutes 80% of all information. This information is undergoing unprecedented change as it becomes more mobile, social, and dispersed – all of which heightens risk and security concerns. As the volume of content continues to rise, organizations are struggling to manage it effectively.

Adjacent provides versatile and industry-specific ECM solutions that can help you access and manage content regardless of how it was created and where it resides. By streamlining and automating your processes, it helps you share information across departments and with customers. Our solutions provide everything you need to make quick, smart, and cost-effective decisions – right at the moment it matters the most.

IBM Enterprise Content Management provides a comprehensive and highly-integrated software platform that captures, activates, shares, analyzes, and governs your unstructured information. This allows you to easily see how to lower costs, recognize the value of content, and then act using better business insight to improve outcomes. IBM ECM platform features include:

  • A single repository for enterprise content to provide centralized access and better control.
  • Document management services and application development support to streamline content management and delivery.
  • Delivery of active content in motion for improved business value and reduced costs.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to help increase productivity.
  • Social collaboration and mobile computing support to use the latest technologies in your ECM environment.

A strategic ECM solution should streamline your processes while remaining flexible enough to meet your organization’s specific needs.

So what’s your ECM business challenge? If you are not sure, but you know you have a challenge to overcome, contact us today to learn how Adjacent can help you develop an ECM solution strategy built for success.

With more than 80% of your information comprised of unstructured data, you need an analytics approach that will surface new actionable insights from enterprise content. From these new insights, organizations can anticipate, shape, and deliver better business outcomes.

Content analytics provides organizations with:

  • A new opportunity to address a wide range of critical business problems that feature large amounts of unstructured data or a combination of unstructured and structured data.
  • Better information lifecycle management chains by creating relevant cost and consumption metrics.
  • The ability to identify which digital content is most valuable so that investments in storage and future analytics can be adjusted accordingly.

ECM solutions from Adjacent can include a variety of IBM ECM components that work together to deliver smarter solutions that provide valuable insights, which leads to smarter decisions.

IBM Content Analytics is an advanced search and analytics platform that enables better decision-making from your enterprise content, regardless of the source or format. By leveraging sophisticated natural language processing, your organization can understand the meaning and context within textual information found in documents, reports, email, web content, and much more.

With IBM Content Analytics, your company can:

  • Search in context across integrated sources. Enable a conceptually-enhanced search that connects users to the right information using advanced analytics capabilities. Results are delivered in context from diverse internal and external sources.
  • Automate categorization decisions. Enable the accurate and consistent categorization of unstructured information through the application of sophisticated text analytics techniques, as well as content-specific rules, to extract the meaning buried within content.
  • Derive new insights and achieve better outcomes. Enable your lines of business to anticipate, shape, and transform business outcomes by surfacing new actionable insights through the identification of trends, patterns, and relationships in enterprise content.

If you are ready to start unlocking the value of your content, contact Adjacent to discover how IBM Content Analytics can help transform your information into better insights.

Information growth is overwhelming, especially for governance processing and record retention. Traditional, manual programs and tools increase IT and legal costs while increasing the risk for non-compliance and information loss. As more information is generated in electronic form, the need for accountability and policy enforcement is becoming clearer to executives and managers.

Implementing an electronic records management plan requires a high degree of experience and expertise. Many organizations find they don’t have record management professionals and staff to carry out the many critical activities and responsibilities needed to setup electronic retention and disposition rules.

Adjacent Technologies has successfully implemented records management solutions for many different companies – in both public sectors and private industries – across a diverse number of industries. Our solutions utilize IBM’s Information Lifecycle Governance platform to help you increase accountability and the policy enforcement of your business records – all while driving down cost and risk.

IBM Enterprise Records software can help your organization address, maintain, and provide a record of compliance for electronic and physical records. This comprehensive records platform combines content, processes, and connectivity to meet your records management and compliance challenges.

IBM Enterprise Records:

  • Supports regulatory compliance. It features IBM ZeroClick technology, which automates the federation tool: a centralized, consolidated catalog of information from disparate content sources that provides company-wide records management.
  • Helps automate records capture and records administration. Gain cost-effective records management and rapid return on investment (ROI).
  • Supports the entire enterprise records lifecycle. Enterprise Records combines automation, reliability, and compliance for better records management.
  • Improves records retention and disposition. Obtain more efficient and accurate recordkeeping.

Adjacent can provide the expert services to help you streamline records-based activities and help enforce compliance with retention policies – with or without user participation. If you need a records management solution that benefits all corporate stakeholders – including IT, Legal, Records, as well as the business – Adjacent Technologies is the right IBM partner for you.

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Fighting the increasing information and content invasion is a constant battle for any organization. Scanning existing paper records to reduce file cabinets and free up space has been a common practice for many years. But what about the hundreds and thousands of external paper documents and forms that arrive every day and slow down your active business processes? They bog down response times, restrict access, and make additional demands for re-keying, copying, and filing.

Adjacent helps organizations of all sizes automate and accelerate business processes by giving employees the ability to digitally capture all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, thus transforming them into accurate and actionable information. They are then delivered to core business applications, the ECM system, processes, and workflows. This enables content to be captured at the point it is generated.

Adjacent utilizes industry-leading software and capture platforms from IBM Datacap and Kofax to capture information from virtually any source – from scanners to multi-function printers, print streams, emails, faxes, web services,  and folders.

These highly capable capture systems reduce labor and paper costs, while delivering information for better, faster decision-making. This improves the responsiveness of your organization by allowing you to:

  • Maximize the Investment – Capture and automatically transform and extract data from a wide range of documents, including hard to process unstructured documents. This enables more effective and insightful decision-making across a larger number of critical, high-value business processes.
  • Speed Return on Investment – Build and deploy more document transformation projects faster with less upfront investment in order to maximize the return on your investment.
  • Increase Speed – Capture documents and information more quickly and accelerate business processes for speedier response times.
  • Maximize Productivity – Capture more documents and information with the same resources.
  • Reduce Cost – Reduce manual labor and headcounts previously required for manual document classification, separation, and data entry.
  • Improve Quality – Increase information quality and reduce exceptions in information-intensive business processes.

If you are unsure of where to begin or need some external guidance to kick-start paper-free processes, contact us today! Discover how Adjacent can help drive your information capture project to the next level.


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