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At Adjacent, we have some of the most seasoned and skilled resources at the ready. We’ve made significant investments in building our teams, training and certifying our resources, and successfully completing numerous noteworthy projects. Our reputation is strong, and IBM regularly contacts us to do work for them and their customers.

Paired with our team is our methodology for both planning and implementing our client’s ECM strategy. This methodology has grown alongside IBM’s ECM practice for 13 years, ensuring that there is no better way to fit a software platform with the problems it is designed to solve.

Adjacent has designed and deployed hundreds of ECM systems, learning as an organization and incorporating those learnings into the Adjacent approach. The tenets of our approach are straightforward:

Destination in Mind: Just because a client isn’t ready for advanced approaches to ECM doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for them. We envision an end result that may be years into the future, but allows us to lay the proper foundation now, along with the plan to get there.

Parallel Planning: Many ECM consultants are guilty of linear thinking, addressing Document Management first, then Capture, then Workflow, then Lifecycle Governance, and so on. Our team understands the relationships between these components and the necessity to optimize them together, which is why we focus heavily on the Design phase of our projects rather than just jumping into a single component.

Value-based Strategy: It’s often easy to prioritize components of a project based on the wrong things, including use cases that are the easiest to understand, the simplest to implement, or the most technologically interesting. Adjacent helps clients understand the value of project components and focus on the high value uses first.

With over four years installing and managing ECM in the cloud, Adjacent Technologies leads the market in delivering stable, scalable, secure, pay-as-you-grow solutions. We offer fully managed ECM cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or ECM Platform as a Service (PaaS)  solutions.Here are a few of the benefits:Your costs scale more closely with your needs. Pooling resources in a way that doesn’t compromise security means only those resources that you need are being used.Your administration costs decrease. Hosted administration is more efficient and can be consolidated and outsourced, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives in IT.

Your upgrades become seamless. Upgrade projects can be costly and complex and are less so when managed centrally in a cloud environment.

Your uptime, continuity, and recovery capabilities become more robust. Cloud facilities offer improvements in nearly every dimension of infrastructure.

In addition to 4 years of managing solutions in the cloud with 99.99% uptime, Adjacent has extensive experience with installing new ECM solutions in the cloud, migrating on-premise solutions to the cloud, creating hybrid on-premise/cloud solutions, and even migrating from host to host.

Organizations that handle claims face many common problems. These problems can result in payments that are late or incorrect – and a poor reputation for an organization that must be auditable, highly productive, and efficient:

  • Incoming documents take too long to process
  • Manual processes mean that tasks get forgotten and deadlines are missed
  • No reliable means of distributing work to case managers is available
  • No definitive source of all case information exists.

Our Claim-to-Payment solution reduces program waste while increasing overall service outcomes for the claimants:

  • Call center staff can often respond to callers’ questions about the status of a case quickly instead of researching the case and calling the claimant back. This reduces response time from more than six weeks to, in some cases, less than two days.
  • Real-time access to total payout data and automatic payout restrictions reduces the risk of accidental over-payment from over 15% to less than 1%.
  • The solution can also reduce the risks associated with paper-based information and enhance compliance with program regulations and the use of best practices.

Employee Lifecycle Management
For most organizations, their employees are their most valuable assets, and correct and timely management of the documents and processes related to employees are key to keeping them engaged and the company protected. Oftentimes, organizations suffer from many lingering issues:

  • Processes for creating, approving, and advertising open positions are cumbersome and lack transparency
  • Steps for performing background checks lack consistent documentation.
  • On-boarding efforts are rushed, tasks get forgotten, and deadlines get missed due to poor coordination.
  • Employee development efforts are handled by managers instead of tracked at an enterprise level, leading to lack of standardization and loss of information when employees make internal job changes.
  • Off-boarding tasks are handled too slowly, leaving the organization vulnerable to security risks.

Adjacent Technologies’ Employee Lifecycle Management solution improves communication and collaboration between hiring managers, as well as assists with background check coordination, employee systems access and hardware management, employee development efforts, exit procedures, and many other pieces of the employee lifecycle. The results are:

  • Increased efficiency in on boarding and off boarding processes
  • Increased compliance with security policies
  • Reduced levels effort required to demonstrate compliance with security policies
  • Improved traceability of employee training and development efforts

These lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention, as well as limiting and legal exposure related to the handling of employee documentation and the employment relationship.

By providing an out-of-the-box connector, Adjacent’s Imagelink brings the power of your ECM system into your main BPM systems of records, many of which may be homegrown systems. The ability to access documents and information from your ECM system at any point from any external system means that systems are siloed and organizations are tapping into all of the value that ECM offers.

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