The Lowdown on Insight 2014

By: Allison Miller

As we packed our bags full of Insight marketing materials, giveaways, and M&M’s, I thought back through the year and the journey to the big IBM conference. For many years, Adjacent has been heads down and focused on delivering expert solutions to our customers and hasn’t given branding the focus it deserves. This year, things changed. As our company grows, we continue to add talent in areas we have previously ignored and it has turned into quite the transformation. This year there is a new focus on marketing and creating a solid brand to carry us into the years to come. We updated our logo, our website, and have been able to highlight our unique, fun side while also drawing upon our expertise, innovative abilities, and the trusted brand we have nurtured since conception.

This year at Insight, Adjacent plans to bring the heat with the #AdjacentFUNgauntlet. You must complete the FUN gauntlet to become a Certified FUN Champion! Visit us at Booth #730! (Stickers and Koozies included!)

The FUN gauntlet consists of three challenges:

    • Name that Tune, because only good listening will lead to expert solutions.
    • The Hot Sauce Challenge, to show that taking risks and trying new ingredients will lead to breakthroughs and innovation.
    • Drop and Give me 10, because growing a trusting relationship means putting in the hard work required.

Fun Gauntlet

Aside from all of the fun, we will be briefing those interested on our cloud offering and the legal matter management solution. Adjacent’s cloud offering focuses on speeding time-to-solution, introducing flexibility, and lowering total cost of ownership so you can “pay as you grow.” The legal matter management solution focuses on customizable case management workflow solutions that power the document-driven legal practice.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a one-on-one session and/or stop by our booth for some fun! See you there!

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