Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones!

By: Allison Miller

We’ve been thinking a lot about our culture here at Adjacent. It got me thinking; what do I value personally and what does Adjacent value as an organization? Here are my thoughts: here at Adjacent, we value the power of teamwork, integrity and adaptability, passion for continuous improvement and we desire to audaciously have fun while serving our customers. Part of this fun includes volunteering for local organizations that are close to our hearts.

Speaking of, many of our team members recently attended the Boys and Girls Clubs Annual Spring Luncheon here in Austin. We attend each year to support the organization as well as our CEO who is a board member and chair of their annual Top Golf event. He encourages us all to volunteer and be generous members of our community for many reasons; it helps us build better connections, improves communication, and fosters the sense of something bigger than ourselves so we can be more mission driven. It also gets us out of our comfort zone!

I, too, am involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs as a board member for the Emerging Leaders group. Helping this cause has become an integral part of my professional growth. We are working to encourage other up and coming professionals to join in the cause to inspire these young kids to have a bright future. Learning to raise money, seek out creative ideas, and volunteering in the Clubs are all skills I have learned while part of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Austin.

There are so many organizations to help in our area. If you don’t already, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, seek out something to volunteer for and see how fun and rewarding it is both professionally and personally!

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