An Open Records Solution Built

For Your Information

User Friendly
The user friendly responsive application enables creation of open record requests via the FYI web portal.

FYI is a modern SaaS based solution with a highly secure and compliant cloud content repository.

Access to public records is the foundation of an open transparent government. FYI simplifies this process.

With automated workflows and reporting dashboards, to digital delivery, FYI improves the process from beginning to end.
FYI was designed for an intuitive user experience requiring minimal user training.
With FYI, users are able to locate content quickly which accelerates the review and approval process.

Integrates with the state calendar for due date calculations.

Redaction mark up with full burn and versioning when ready.

FYI includes built in scanning capabilities and metadata tagging.

Users are able to route, escalate, track, distribute, log, and manage each request seamlessly

FYI automates the tedious work associated with records requests so you can review and produce quickly
  • Supports request creation by users for requests received via other methods such as email, fax, and mail
  • Sends updates from portal, email, and mobile
  • Notifications for deadlines, requestor clarity, review assistance, and more

Secure Cloud Content

Open record requests can be completed quickly while maintaining federal and state compliance.
FYI provides built in dashboard and reporting interface
This includes users having the ability to download data for their specific reporting needs. FYI users may download data for internal reporting.

Simplify your Open Records Requests Today

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