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By: Dave Worley

Adjacent Technologies has been a pioneer in developing and hosting IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions in the cloud for several years and we are pleased to announce our expanded IBM Cloud offerings under the DIR-TSO-4000 contract: IBM Branded Cloud-hosted solutions

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By: Allison Miller

We’ve been thinking a lot about our culture here at Adjacent. It got me thinking; what do I value personally and what does Adjacent value as an organization? Here are my thoughts: here at Adjacent, we value the power of

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By: Josh Hull

Adjacent Technologies has had a successful metamorphosis as an on-premise-only solution provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), into data and process stewards of hosted ECM platforms, largely made possible by the cloud. We are not a company to act first

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By: Doug Wick

Adjacent has been in the business of helping our clients get started in the world of Enterprise Content Management, typically building out a content repository and layering on records management, case business process flow, advanced search and analytics capabilities over

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By: Allison Miller

As we packed our bags full of Insight marketing materials, giveaways, and M&M’s, I thought back through the year and the journey to the big IBM conference. For many years, Adjacent has been heads down and focused on delivering expert

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By: Maher Heidi

When it comes to legal matter management solutions, one size rarely fits all.  From the “me too” vendors to the long-term market leaders, it seems as though everyone has an offering.   Many approach potential clients with the same message and

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By: Doug Wick

I’m new to Adjacent. I joined just 5 months ago, and knew fairly early on that the people and the work inside Adjacent no longer matched the brand that our clients, partners, and prospects encountered when they got a business

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