A New Look for Adjacent

By: Doug Wick

I’m new to Adjacent. I joined just 5 months ago, and knew fairly early on that the people and the work inside Adjacent no longer matched the brand that our clients, partners, and prospects encountered when they got a business card or visited our website.

Much like everything else, companies evolve over time. And occasionally, as things change inside a company, the face that it shows the world must change to reflect that. As I met with our design agency to work on an update, I tried to put into words the consistent qualities our people embody. It’s mushy work for technology people, but I really wanted our brand to reflect who we are. After some wrestling with it, the three words I settled on to describe my new coworkers were Expert, Innovative, and Trusted.


Adjacent is full of incredibly experienced and accomplished people. I’m probably the only one without a long list of certifications and double digits’ years worth of implementation and development experience. These folks know what they are doing.


It might be because we’re in Austin, but there is a spark of originality and creativity in our team, even in the world of Enterprise Content Management, which admittedly is not on the “sexy” end of the business software spectrum. Our team is doing some fantastic work within the constraints of others’ technologies to solve problems for our clients. This is not your Grandpa’s ECM.


The main reason I joined Adjacent was because of the high integrity and relationship IQ of its people. Trust is probably the single largest determinant of our success – the trust of our clients, the trust of our technology partners, and the trust we have in each other to deliver. It’s why this company has stood the test of time.

Our design agency did a great job on the update. They maintained the connection to our familiar colors and brand elements, and made the new style match the qualities that our company embodies today.

I’m excited to present our new look, but that’s far from the only new thing that you’ll be seeing from us. This website is also new, and this blog with it. Subscribe, and we’ll keep you up to date on all of the other amazing things that Adjacent is working on.

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