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By: Allison Miller

As we packed our bags full of Insight marketing materials, giveaways, and M&M’s, I thought back through the year and the journey to the big IBM conference. For many years, Adjacent has been heads down and focused on delivering expert

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By: Allison Miller

Austin, TX: Adjacent Technologies, Inc., a full lifecycle enterprise content management solutions and integration services provider, was recently approved to provide cloud services and hosting through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR). This DIR contract allows for easy purchasing

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By: Maher Heidi

When it comes to legal matter management solutions, one size rarely fits all.  From the “me too” vendors to the long-term market leaders, it seems as though everyone has an offering.   Many approach potential clients with the same message and

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By: Doug Wick

I’m new to Adjacent. I joined just 5 months ago, and knew fairly early on that the people and the work inside Adjacent no longer matched the brand that our clients, partners, and prospects encountered when they got a business

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